Catalog tab

3DPartsCatalog is one of the largest databases of industrial component suppliers in the world, listing several thousand suppliers.

The most important information for a CAD designer is listed for each supplier: website in your language and for your country, official link to the supplier’s CAD files, telephone number and email address. This data is usually supplemented with links to major CAD parts platforms such as TraceParts, PARTcommunity, 3D Content Central, etc.

Each supplier record is verified by the 3DPartsCatalog team on a regular basis.

My suppliers tab

Each user or group of users in 3DPartsCatalog has a My suppliers tab in which they can manage suppliers imported from the catalog or added manually.

Suppliers imported from the Catalog tab will always be updated by the 3DPartsCatalog team. You don’t have to do anything!

When you add a supplier manually, you can ask for this “addition to the catalogue” to be maintained by the 3DPartsCatalog team. You can decide which option works best for you!

My parts tab

The My Parts tab is used to manage your components, whether they are commercially available parts, standard parts, special parts or spare parts.

In this tab, you can create your own parts database, link all the necessary documents (CAD files, dimensional drawings, etc.), information for quick and efficient sorting (part type, family and status), supplier information (reference and purchase price), comments, etc.

This database can be shared with your colleagues and become the central parts database for your team or company!

My dashboard tab

You have a designated “My dashboard” tab that you can use to stay on top of your parts and suppliers.

Here you will find all of the important information such as: distribution of parts by family, type and status, number of new parts and suppliers added each month, etc.

Families tab

This tab allows you to navigate in your ” Ecosystem ” of parts and suppliers by family of parts: mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.

  • Are you looking for a mechanical part located in your parts database? Click on the corresponding family in the My Parts column
  • Would you like to see a list of electrical component suppliers listed in your country? Click on the Electrical Engineering family in the My Suppliers column.
  • Looking for a new supplier of pneumatic components? Click on the Pneumatics family in the Catalog column
  • Do you need a new valve? Click on the Hydraulic family in the Traceparts column and you will receive guidance to find the most suitable product among those offered on the TraceParts¬†portal.

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