Terms of use


By using the 3DPartsCatalog application, the user acknowledges that they have read and accepted the following conditions:

Application owner

The 3DPartsCatalog application is published and maintained by UNIK-ID SAS (hereinafter referred to as UNIK-ID), with a capital of €5,000, registered in the Bourg En Bresse RCS (Company Registry) under number 881 561 393 and with a head office located at 13 Impasse les Noyers – 01400 Chatillon sur Chalaronne – France.

Access to services

All services and data of the 3DPartsCatalog application are accessed via the Internet and provided as-is. As it is not possible to guarantee the accessibility of the application at all times due to the Internet’s specific technical condition, UNIK-ID cannot be held liable for unforeseen circumstances, as these causes are beyond its control.


In the event of a dispute, UNIK-ID can only be held liable if it is proven that the damage suffered by the user is attributable to intention or negligence on the part of UNIK-ID. If UNIK-ID is found liable, the damages due are limited to the foreseeable damages related to the use of the application. Under no circumstances shall UNIK-ID be liable for loss of profits, indirect damages, or resulting damages to users.

Data provided by the application

The data provided by the application comes from a large number of third-party companies. UNIK-ID cannot guarantee its accuracy, integrity or quality and cannot be held liable for any errors, omissions, losses or damages that arise as a result of the use of this data. Users may only use the data as a reference. They are not allowed to extract the data from the application, copy or distribute it without written consent from UNIK-ID.

User-created data

Data created by the user and stored in the application is the property of the user. UNIK-ID is not liable for its accuracy, integrity or quality. UNIK-ID cannot be held liable for any loss of data in connection with an application malfunction. The application has a data export function in csv, txt or json format that the user agrees to use to make regular backups and prevent any loss of data.

Registration and personal data

In order to benefit from the services offered by the application, the user must  register online and provide certain information that is required for the application to function properly, including a password known only by the user. With a view to respecting the privacy of its users, UNIK-ID undertakes that the collection and processing of personal information, conducted within its application, is done strictly in accordance with the regulations in force in the user’s country.